Preventative Care

We are always willing to treat patients with dental emergencies or restorative concerns, but preventing these problems is our goal. The following are the preventative services that we have to offer:


Dental Cleaning and Check Up

We recommend that you have a routine dental checkup and teeth cleaning twice per year. Additional appointments may be needed if periodontal disease is present.

During your check up, we will evaluate your dental needs with screenings, digital x-rays, and a visual exam. We will then customize a treatment plan that works with both your schedule and your finances.

Your dental cleaning will be performed by one of our licensed professional dental hygienists. They will remove bacteria, which if not removed can ultimately cause gum disease, as well as stains from your teeth. After your cleaning, a fluoride treatment may also be applied. We are confident that you will find our dental hygienists to be very caring and sensitive to your oral health needs.


Night Guards

Constant pressure and motion on your teeth can cause any of the following: tooth wear, damage, earaches, headache, and sore muscles in the face and jaw. These problems can be caused by bruxism. Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of the teeth. It may by done while you are awake, or more commonly when you are asleep. At OVDA, we can make you a custom plastic appliance that fits comfortably over your teeth. This minimizes the clenching and grinding, preventing tooth wear, damage, and helps to relieve the pressure from the ears and relax sore muscles.

The procedure to make the custom night guard is very easy for the patient. An impression of the teeth and a bite registration is taken. Following this, you will receive your custom appliance in one week.


Sports Guards

Sports guards are customized guards that fit over your teeth to prevent tooth damage from any sport involving contact with an object, hard surface, or another person. These are superior to those that are purchased at a store because we customize the fit to your bite and teeth alignment. A custom fit ensures protection and patient compliance to wear the sports guard.



Sealants are a quick and painless procedure consisting of a plastic filling material being painted into the grooves of the teeth. This “seals” the grooves from trapping food and bacteria which would lead to tooth decay. This provides extra protection for patients who are prone to tooth decay.


Second Opinions

We are happy to offer a complimentary second opinion to any dental treatment plan.