Cosmetic Dentistry


We all want natural appearing results when it comes to our dental work, which is what you deserve. Ohio Valley Dental can provide several solutions to your cosmetic needs, which will produce amazing life- like results. It is astonishing what can be done to improve  your smile. Call our office to set up a free consultation to improve your own smile today.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that we provide include porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns and bridges, composite (tooth colored) bonding and fillings, tooth contouring, and teeth whitening. Below is a brief description of these procedures and how they can help improve the appearance of your smile.



Porcelain Veneers

 Veneers offer solutions to discolored, misshapen, or misplaced teeth. Veneers are thin, shell-like restorations that fit over your front teeth. They can close gaps, change the shade, or change the shape of your existing teeth. Ohio Valley Dental has done numerous veneers over the past thirty years and is also trained in placing Lumineers, which require no tooth reduction. Stop in for a free veneer consultation. 


Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

 All ceramic crowns can be used to replace those old crowns which may look grey or black along the gumline, or crowns which do not match the shade of your existing teeth. Ohio Valley Dental restores teeth with all ceramic crowns and bridges that are metal free and are custom made to a shade that matches your own existing teeth. They are a beautiful solution to broken, discolored, or missing teeth. 


Tooth Colored Fillings

 Only you and your dentist will know that you have a composite resin filling. Why? Because they are so natural in appearance that no one will know you even have them. They are a great option for the cosmetic-minded patient. OVDA would be happy to place tooth-colored fillings for a perfect mouth. 


Tooth Contouring

 Does anyone have that one tooth that appears to be longer than the rest, or with fractures or grooves along the edges? OVDA can re-contour your teeth to eliminate such bothersome imperfections in your smile. Call us to set up a free consultation, in which Dr. Tomer will show you how easily she can correct such flaws for you. 


Teeth Whitening

 Teeth may appear to be unhealthy due to their unsightly shade, when in reality they are not. These cosmetic irregularities can be caused by age, coffee, tea, wine, medication, or even genetics. Thankfully, OVDA can help you to restore your teeth to a brighter and healthier appearing shade through one of our several quality whitening treatments. We have many different treatment options for whitening, so give us a call to set up a free consultation to determine which treatment is right for you.